Terms & Conditions

These Terms apply to:

  • The utilization of Online Fast Solution, and
  • Any other associated Agreement or legal association with the Owner

These Terms hold legal weight and create binding obligations. Definitions for capitalized words can be found in the dedicated section of this document.

It is imperative for the User to thoroughly read and understand this document.

We strictly adhere to copyright laws and regulations. Our policy prohibits the use of any copyrighted content, logos, or characters.

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This document constitutes a legally binding agreement between you, the User, and the entity responsible for providing Online Fast Solution. It regulates your use of the online properties and, in any case, the services offered. When we refer to a “legal agreement,” it signifies that the terms outlined in this agreement carry legal significance in defining the relationship between you and us once you accept these terms.

For clarity, when we use terms like “User,” “you,” “your,” or similar expressions, whether in singular or plural form, we are addressing you, the User. On the other hand, terms like “We,” “our,” “us,” or similar terms pertain to the corporation that owns and operates Online Fast Solution, as specified in this document. “Online Fast Solution” denotes the current website and/or application, while “Agreement” pertains to this document and any future amendments to it. The Agreement is executed in the English language, and any additional terms are outlined in the “Definitions” section found at the end of the Agreement.

Registration, content on Online Fast Solution and prohibited use of Online Fast Solution


This section outlines the requirements and procedures related to user registration, account security, and account management on the platform or service:

Registration Requirements: Users must provide accurate and complete information when registering for the service. This typically involves filling out a registration form with the necessary details. Additionally, users are required to accept both the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions in full.

  • Account Security: Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their login credentials (such as usernames and passwords). They should take appropriate measures to keep this information secure.
  • Owner’s Limited Liability: The section emphasizes that the Owner (the entity operating the service) will not be held responsible if a user’s login credentials are lost, disclosed, stolen, or used without authorization by third parties, regardless of the reason.
  • Deleting User Accounts and Account Termination: This section may also cover the conditions under which user accounts can be deleted or terminated, including reasons such as violations of terms of service, inactivity, or user requests.

These provisions are essential for safeguarding the security and integrity of user accounts and ensuring that users understand their responsibilities in using the service. For specific details and procedures, users should refer to the full Terms and Conditions document or agreement.

Deleting User accounts and account termination

This section covers the process of account cancellation by registered users and the circumstances under which the Owner can suspend or terminate a user’s account. Here are the key points:

  1. User-initiated Account Cancellation: Registered users have the option to cancel their accounts and cease using the service at any time. This can typically be done through the platform’s interface or by directly contacting the Owner.
  2. Owner’s Right to Suspend or Terminate Accounts: The Owner reserves the right to suspend or terminate a user’s account without notice in certain situations, which may include:
    • Violation of Terms: If the user breaches the terms and conditions of the agreement.
    • Potential Harm: If the user’s access or use of the service is believed to pose a risk of harm to the Owner, other users, or third parties.
    • Legal Compliance: If the use of the platform by the user may lead to a violation of laws or regulations.
    • Legal Investigations: In cases involving legal actions or government investigations.
    • Inappropriate Content: If the user’s account is deemed, at the Owner’s sole discretion, to contain inappropriate or offensive content or to be in violation of the agreement for any reason.

These provisions are put in place to ensure the security, integrity, and compliance of the platform or service. Users should refer to the full agreement or terms of service document for specific details and procedures related to account cancellation and suspension.

Terms and conditions of sale


This section addresses payment methods, payment processing, and offers/discounts on Online Fast Solution. Here are the key points:

Methods of Payment:

Online Fast Solution utilizes third-party tools for payment processing.

The platform is not directly connected to or involved in handling the user’s payment information, such as credit card details. If a payment is declined, any associated costs or fees are the responsibility of the user.

Offers and Discounts:

The Owner of Online Fast Solution has the discretion to provide discounts and offers for a limited duration. The specific terms and conditions of these discounts and offers will be clearly stated on the respective information page of Online Fast Solution. Each discount and offer will be valid for the specified period or until stocks are exhausted, if applicable. For time-limited discounts and offers, the reference to time is based on the time zone of the Owner, as indicated in the document.

These provisions clarify how payments are processed and highlight the conditions for any discounts or offers provided by the platform. Users should refer to the relevant information pages for details on specific discounts and offers.


This section pertains to the delivery of products ordered through the platform. Here are the key points:

  1. Delivery Address and Method: Deliveries are typically made during regular business hours to the address specified by the user in the order summary. The manner of delivery is as outlined in the order summary.
  2. Verification of Contents: Upon receiving the delivery, the user is responsible for inspecting the contents and noting any discrepancies or anomalies in the delivery form.
  3. Failure to Collect Products: If the user fails to collect the products within the carrier’s specified deadline, the products will be returned to the Owner. In such cases, the purchase price will be refunded, but the shipping cost will not be refunded.
  4. Responsibility for Errors and Damage: The Owner cannot be held responsible for delivery errors arising from inaccuracies or incompleteness in the user’s purchase order. Additionally, any damage occurring to products after delivery to the carrier, as arranged by the user, is not the responsibility of the Owner. Delays in delivery attributed to the user are also not the Owner’s responsibility.

These terms provide clarity on the delivery process and the responsibilities of both the user and the Owner in ensuring successful product delivery. Users should carefully review and understand these terms when placing orders.

Return and Refund Policy

At Fastonlineservices Ltd, our goal is to ensure complete customer satisfaction with every product purchase.

If you encounter any shipping or product-related concerns, please reach out to us via email at [email protected], and our dedicated team will promptly assist you


Our return policy extends for 30 days from the date of item receipt, granting you ample time to request a return or exchange.

For a return to be eligible, the item must remain in its original condition, unused, with tags intact, and in its original packaging. Additionally, proof of purchase, such as a receipt, is required.

To initiate a return, please contact us at [email protected]. Kindly note that the return shipping fee to our headquarters in London is the responsibility of the customer. Once the return is initiated, please email us the tracking information.

Upon receipt of your returned item, we will promptly process your request, whether it be a replacement or a refund, based on your preference. Please expect an email confirmation once the return has been processed.

Please be aware that failure to notify our customer service team prior to returning an item may result in the item being deemed non-refundable by our quality department.


Should you wish to cancel your order, please reach out to our Customer Support Team or send an email to [email protected] within 6 hours of placing your order. During this timeframe, orders are still in a processing stage before being forwarded to our operational facility for fulfillment.

Regrettably, once an order has been processed and/or shipped, cancellation becomes unfeasible.


If you receive a defective, damaged, or incorrectly shipped item, you are entitled to a full refund or exchange. We kindly ask that you inspect your order upon delivery and promptly notify us if you encounter any of these issues. This enables us to assess the situation and take appropriate corrective action to ensure your satisfaction.


Once we receive your package, your products will undergo examination, and a full refund will be processed to your original payment method within 7-10 business days. You will receive a refund receipt via email, using the same email address associated with your original purchase.

Please keep in mind that it may take some time for your bank or credit card company to process and reflect the refund on your account. If more than 14 business days have elapsed since we approved your return, kindly contact us at [email protected]


This section of the terms and conditions covers several important aspects:

Service Interruption:

  • The Owner reserves the right to interrupt the service temporarily for maintenance or system updates.
  • Users will be informed of these interruptions through updates published on Online Fast Solution.

Service Reselling:

  • Users are prohibited from reproducing, duplicating, copying, selling, reselling, or exploiting any part of Online Fast Solution and its services without prior written permission from the Owner.
  • Reselling may be allowed only through a proper reselling program and with the Owner’s express permission.

Privacy Policy:

  • Users are directed to refer to the privacy policy of Online Fast Solution for information regarding the use of their personal data. The privacy policy is considered a part of these terms.

Intellectual Property Rights:

  • Online Fast Solution’s trademarks, trade names, service marks, logos, and related intellectual property are the exclusive property of the Owner or its licensors and are protected by trademark laws and international treaties.
  • Intellectual property rights owned by third parties, including content posted by such third parties, remain the exclusive property of those third parties and are protected by applicable trademark laws and international treaties.
  • The Owner does not own these third-party intellectual property rights and may use them only within the limits and in accordance with contracts concluded with such third parties and for the purposes outlined in the terms.

These provisions clarify issues related to service interruptions, reselling, privacy policies, and intellectual property rights, ensuring that users understand their rights and responsibilities when using the platform.

This section covers important aspects related to changes in the terms and conditions, the assignment of contracts, contacts, and severability:

Changes to These Terms:

  • The Owner has the right to modify these Terms at any time.
  • Users will be informed of changes through notices published within Online Fast Solution.
  • Users who continue to use Online Fast Solution after the publication of changes are considered to have accepted the new Terms in their entirety.

Assignment of Contract:

  • The Owner has the right to transfer, assign, dispose of, or subcontract all or any rights or obligations under these Terms, provided that the User’s rights are not affected.
  • Users may not assign or transfer their rights or obligations under these Terms without the written permission of the Owner.


  • All communications regarding Online Fast Solution should be directed to the contacts stated in the document.


  • If any provision of these Terms is found to be invalid or unenforceable, that specific clause will be removed, but the remaining provisions will remain in effect and not be affected.

These provisions help outline how changes to the terms are communicated, the rights of the Owner to assign contracts, how to contact the platform, and what happens in the case of invalid or unenforceable clauses in the terms.

This section defines key terms used throughout the terms and conditions:

Owner (or We):

  • Refers to the natural person(s) or legal entity that provides Online Fast Solution and/or the Service to Users.


  • Refers to the service provided by Online Fast Solution, as described in the Terms and on Online Fast Solution itself.


  • Encompasses all provisions applicable to the use of Online Fast Solution and/or the Service as described in this document.
  • This includes any related documents or agreements and any updates made over time.

User (or You):

  • Refers to any natural person or legal entity that uses Online Fast Solution.

These definitions help clarify the roles and terminology used throughout the terms and conditions, ensuring that all parties understand their meanings.